Still!  A small gadget so that nobody touches your ...

Still! A small gadget so that nobody touches your …

November 4, 2014

Dont Move is a small gadget that can adhere to any surface so that we can control if someone touches our things. If they touch something of yours, you will instantly receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet.

We will only have to connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth and, from here, place it on top of an object, or stuck, in such a way that we receive a notification in case of being touched or moved.

The best of all is that we do not have to settle for having a single object controlled with this little gadget, but we can have several controlled ones, thanks to the fact that the application allows synchronization with several Dont Move sensors.

In addition, in the settings section we can determine the sensitivity of the sensor, so that it does not warn us, for example, when the wind sounds, but when they are actually touching our object, or moving it.

via Dont Move, a small gadget so that nobody touches your things.

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