Steps to improve the sound of headphones in c ...

Steps to improve the sound of headphones in c …

February 26, 2021

Smartphones have gradually but now inevitably replaced the old MP3 players for listening to music as well. Among the brands most attentive to audio we have undoubtedly Xiaomi, which in its MIUI has a very complete equalizer and here we explain how to use it to improve the sound of your smartphone’s headphones.

Steps to improve the sound of headphones on Xiaomi cell phones

Before explaining how to act effectively, remember that Xiaomi smartphones include a sound optimizer that allows you to establish which headphones or earphones we are using. This implies that it is possible to obtain the optimum sound for the model used. Precisely for this reason, by activating the optimizer and equalizer we can bring out the best for personal listening. The nice thing about this feature is that it doesn’t distinguish between wired or wireless headphones and earphones.

These are the steps to follow to improve the audio on the Xiaomi smartphone:
  • Go to Settings, click Sound & Vibration and then Sound Effects
  • Once in the menu, we have to choose the default use that we give to our headphones with respect to audio reproduction and we can choose between: music, video, voice and it practically adapts only to use.

All done, we can enjoy channeled listening for the use we need. If this optimization is then carried out with Xiaomi headphones and earphones, the system reveals the model and can further optimize it.

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