Stem Cell Cure for Diabetes Is More ...

Stem Cell Cure for Diabetes Is More …

October 10, 2014

The discovery has been led by Douglas Melton of Harvard and uses stem cells to fight type 1 diabetes in particular, although it could be used to cure type 2 diabetes as well. As we said, it is not the first time that diabetes has been fought, nor is it the only study. Many are the techniques that try to alleviate the disease.

What’s so special about this? Quite simply, Douglas and his team have succeeded in “making” beta cells in the laboratory. Beta cells are destroyed by pathology, of autoimmune origin, and thanks to Douglas’s discovery we could replace the cells eradicated by our own body. The discovery has been tested in mice, which is a first step in solving one of the most common diseases in man.

via The Cure for Diabetes Closer Than Ever.

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