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Stealing information from a disconnected PC is possible g …

November 9, 2014

Just because a PC is not connected to the Internet does not mean that it is not vulnerable. A group of researchers in Israel has come up with a rather ingenious way of being able to extract such data and send it remotely to the attacker in question. How? with AirHopper, a malware that, once installed on a computer isolated from the Internet, uses the computer’s own graphics card to emit small electromagnetic signals with the monitor cable as an antenna each time a key is pressed.

To receive these keystrokes, it is necessary for a mobile phone with an FM receiver to be located in the immediate vicinity, either by proximity to the attacker himself or because said terminal has also been infected. The mobile then receives the signals and automatically, using its data connection, SMS or the system of our choice, forwards them to whoever is listening remotely.

via Stealing information from an unconnected computer is possible thanks to AirHopper and FM signals.

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