Spanish Government confirms that it has contacted Twitte ...

Spanish Government confirms that it has contacted Twitte …

September 5, 2014

Yesterday, Mariano Rajoy, President of Spain, got 63,452 new followers on his Twitter account, according to Twitter Counter figures. The usual thing is that, until the beginning of this month, the daily number of followers will increase by about 100 or 200 accounts, nothing comparable with the 1,000 of the last days or the more than 60,000 of a few hours ago. Irrelevant news? Depending on how you look at it, since several media have already echoed it.

After this avalanche, Mariano Rajoy is already the Spanish politician with the most followers, surpassing Pablo Iglesias who currently has almost 524,000.

Curiously, and given the commotion that the matter has caused, Mariano Rajoy’s team has taken advantage of his own account to clarify that “they are working to find out who is behind this strange campaign” together with the hashtag #NoBots. They have not clarified what said investigation consists of or the measures to be taken in this regard.

via Mariano Rajoy and the controversy of false Twitter followers.

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