Sony quits manufacturing VAIO computers and ...

Sony would be about to ditch its line of po …

February 5, 2014

Sony is about to ditch its line of VAIO laptopsThe rumor began to be extinguished after the CES in Las Vegas recently held, in which Sony presented the news of all its product ranges except one … Which one? Indeed, the range of laptops.

According to a Japanese newspaper, Sony could sell the Vaio range for an amount oscillating between 391 and 489 million dollars, which also means that it will do without more than 1000 employees. The good news for Vaio users is that the brand will remain, as we are talking about one of the most recognized in the world of laptops, characterized by stylish designs and cutting-edge features with a good value for money.

What will happen from now with the Vaio brand? Will it fall into the hands of Lenovo, according to rumors? The result of this sale could revolutionize the laptop market, without a doubt.

via Sony would be on the verge of dispensing with its line of laptops.

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