Sony will stop manufacturing its e-readers

Sony will stop manufacturing its e-readers

August 16, 2014

Sony has given up on continuing to sell its line of e-readers due to not making enough profit from these products. According to a Sony spokesperson to the BBC network: “We have no plans to develop a successor Reader model.” The PRS-T3 is Sony’s latest e-reader and will be sold throughout Europe while supplies last. The global e-reader market peaked in 2011 with 23 million devices sold, but is expected to drop to 10 million in 2017 due to the expansion of smartphones and tablets in the global market.

There is also applications that allow you to convert tablets into electronic books. Kindle for iPad and Android tablets is an adapted version of Kindle for these types of devices. The Amazon service adapts to tablets in a remarkable way, offering its potential and its catalog.

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via Sony says goodbye to the sale of its e-readers.

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