Sony wants car entertainment to be ...

Sony Introduces Controlled Car Entertainment …

January 7, 2017

It is based on a depth sensor that detects the position of our hands, as if it were the kinect of the xbox. With gestures we can search for directions and control elements on the board, such as information about the weather and entertainment options.

Its system that is mounted in the upper light area so that it detects the relative position of our hand, thus being able to translate gestures into actions.

From adjusting the volume by turning your finger, to accelerating in autopilot mode with a gesture of the right hand, the options can be very flexible, although at the moment it seems that they will continue to be limited to some BMW models (they already plan to implement it in the from this year’s BMW 5 series).

Now it will be necessary a lot of training and care with the configuration, since it will be necessary to avoid accidents due to unwanted movements with the hands.

Source: Sony introduces gesture car control system

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