Sony Alpha 7S the camera for filmmaking

Sony Alpha 7S the camera for filmmaking

May 16, 2014

Sony Alpha 7S the camera for filmmaking

The Sony A7S is a photo camera, a good one, but it is almost more of a video camera, or rather a film camera. The low resolution of the sensor makes the flow of information out of the sensor when recording video is smaller.

This has a couple of pretty cool side effects.

On the one hand, we can take more advantage of the few pixels that remain to record, and raise the resolution to 4K. 4K may be the future, but for the moment we are a bit far away. And it is that we lack content and players almost everywhere.

More interesting is the video compression. Virtually all cameras compress the video they record, it is almost impossible not to do so from a certain resolution.

The Sony A7S outputs the signal in 4: 2: 2 format which is, to understand us, much less compressed than the cameras in this segment, and at the height of the best professional cameras on the market. That is why Sony has taught it “tuned” with all the accessories for professional video recording.

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