Apple Says Goodbye to Next-Gen MacBook's Troubled Butterfly Keyboard

Some Consumers Blame MacBook Pro and iMac Pro Problems on Apple’s T2 Chip

It seems that Manzana you are experiencing one of those weeks that can best be forgotten. During these days, several problems are emerging related to a very important element used by two of the most powerful computers in the entire Apple catalog, and which is none other than the T2 chip that they incorporate. This component was included by those from Cupertino with the aim of offloading some of the tasks it deals with to the main processor, but now is giving more problems than previously thought.

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And it is that 2018 MacBook Pros and iMac Pros are suffering lately errors of kernel panic with a frequency that in no case should be within the normal limits of high-quality equipment. As some of the consumers explain, the problem could be in the T2 chip that Apple included in these two computers, as users agree that reboot errors are happening on devices that incorporate this component.

For its part, Apple has already announced that this error is real, and it is being investigated to find a possible solution. For the moment, while investigating, those of Cupertino recommend affected users to restore their computers without resorting to backup copies, not to unlock Macs through Apple Watch, not to encrypt internal storage or disable Power Nap among other recommendations. .

via: TheVerge