Some 17 million Venezuelans still do not have access to ...

Some 17 million Venezuelans still do not have access to …

October 22, 2014

The public and private institutions of Venezuela transferred their information services to the public to the new platform, which has generated discontent and discontent since in the country 17 million people lack internet access.

The incorporation of the internet into daily life and the lack of that service in many regions of Venezuela, motivated a group of citizens to form a civil association called “Los Sin ABA (broadband access)” (LSABA), which demands access to this technology.

“The government started from the false premise that the majority of Venezuelans have access to the Internet and transferred all the procedures that were carried out personally at the headquarters of the ministries to the network, which generated chaos,” says Ana Frías, president of the association.

Systems engineer Rafael Galvis indicated that “Internet penetration in the country is not homogeneous and although some states exceed 100 percent of users, others are totally isolated and do not even cover 15 percent of the population.”

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