"Solaris is dead" according to Java inventor

“Solaris is dead” according to Java inventor

January 14, 2014

Renowned Java Inventor James Gosling commented on how Oracle has managed Sun Microsystems' wealth

On the occasion of the forthcoming fourth anniversary of the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, James Gosling gave an interview to the publication Infoworld, where he critically refers to the fate that the Solaris operating system has had to face after the merger.

Using the US grading system, Gosling gives Oracle an “F-”, or failing, when considering Solaris. “Solaris is totally dead. Solaris license fees are so high that it’s crazy to even consider using it. Also, the hardware that Oracle offers doesn’t make any sense. I myself had to convert my Solaris systems to Linux. It’s to cry on, ”Gosling declared.

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