Smartphone addicts consult apps more than ...

Smartphone addicts consult apps more than …

April 23, 2014

Women consulting their smartphones

During the Source 14 mobile phone conference in San Francisco, California today, Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry, described the characteristics of a smartphone addict.

Khalaf noted that, on average, a typical consumer launches mobile applications 10 times a day, adding that addicts do so 60 times in the same period. By Flurry’s own definition, in March 2014 there are 176 million smartphone addicts worldwide. This figure represents an increase of 79 million, or 123%, compared to the figures observed in 2013 by the company.

According to Khalaf, the most addicted users are teenagers, college students and middle-aged parents. 52% of addicts are women, and 48% men. This implies that there are 15 million more women addicted to mobile phones than their male counterpart.

Regarding the categories of apps preferred by both genders, Flurry rates them as follows:

Women: applications for mothers, games and sports.

Men: cars, fathers, and catalog shopping.

via Smartphone addicts consult apps more than 60 times a day | TI newspaper.

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