Smart Patrol application launched in Venezuela ...

Smart Patrol application launched in Venezuela …

September 24, 2014

The Smart Patrol application allows locating, through smart mobile phones, the security quadrants corresponding to the area of ​​residence, in order to report any emergency or irregularity.

The Minister for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, explained -at the beginning of September- that the application, which he estimates will reach more than 9 million Venezuelans, will remain until the Immediate Attention System Ven 911 is installed in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas, in principle in the municipalities of Chacao and Sucre, in the state of Miranda, and which will later be put into operation in the municipalities of Baruta and El Hatillo and in the municipality of Libertador, in Caracas.

The minister reported that a Venezuelan company was in charge of creating the application, and pointed out that it works “not by having any phone number stored on your device, but by simply pressing the icon and it will tell you in which quadrant it is located. find and the number to dial ”in case of emergencies.

Smart Patrol is a security plan designed to more effectively protect citizens and reduce crime rates throughout the national territory. For this, the security forces have the latest generation equipment, as well as radios, vehicles and motorcycles, with which they patrol 24 hours a day in eight-hour shifts.

The Intelligent Patrol includes the division of the zones into quadrants, in which security personnel of the municipal and state police forces and the Bolivarian National Police Corps are located, as well as members of the Military Police and the People’s Guard.

The patrol allows citizens to have at their disposal telephone numbers that correspond to each quadrant, through which they can maintain direct communication with security officials and thus report any emergency or irregularity that occurs in their area of ​​residence.

It also provides that security officials have a maximum action time of five minutes in the area they protect, which guarantees a solid security fence. In the areas where Smart Patrol is activated there are Citizen Attention Points (PAC), where police and military personnel can be contacted directly by neighbors.

Smart Patrol – Android Apps on Google Play

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