'Smart' pajamas for babies

‘Smart’ pajamas for babies

January 8, 2014

Rest_DevicesFar from settling for just launching another activity meter for athletes in any of its countless form factors, Intel has managed to ring the bell at CES with the strangest and most unexpected of smart creations that we have seen during this edition of the show. Manufactured by a company called Rest Devices, the garment that you have on these lines has multiple sensors that monitor the baby’s position, activity level and skin temperature at all times, communicating all these factors to a mobile phone through a application available for iOS and Android that even shows the breathing rate of the creature.

Rest Devices will sell its smart jumpsuit in packs of three pieces with a smart clip (the little turtle in the photos) at a price of $ 199, but it will also be possible to buy the jumpsuits two by two for $ 29, being offered in baby sizes from 0 to 12 months.

via So far we’ve come: Intel Introduces ‘Smart’ Baby Pajamas.

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