Smart bike with GPS and USB charger [Video]

Smart bike with GPS and USB charger [Video]

March 21, 2014

Gi-Bike-SmartGiBike is a smart bicycle that integrates GPS to indicate directions and offers a suitable design for use in cities. It will be launched in two different models: one standard and one electric.

Looking for greater portability, they claim that this bike can be folded in 3 seconds. In addition, two different models will be manufactured, being able to choose between an electric version (17 kg, autonomy of 64 km and speed of 25 km / h) and a standard version (with a weight of 12 kg).

Obviously, it is designed to be used in the city, which is why it has a built-in GPS, connecting with the user’s smartphone and providing directions to reach their destination earlier. In addition, it includes a USB port to charge our devices while we pedal.

via Smart bike with GPS, USB and an ideal design for cities.

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