Skype launches its simultaneous translation function

Skype starts translating conversations in quick time …

November 4, 2014

This translator makes possible what recently would have seemed pure fantasy. It is capable of passing conversations that occur between Skype users, in real time, from one language to another.

This means that two interlocutors who in normal circumstances and by themselves would not understand each other, because they are expressed in different languages, will be able to converse face to face, with no intermediaries other than Skype itself. In addition, it means shedding basic text translators, since translation is translated into speech.

Microsoft had said that, before the end of the year, it would introduce a beta of Skype Translator on Windows 8. And that’s the way it is, albeit with certain limitations. The Redmond giant, through Skype, has announced that some users will be able to get a preliminary version right now.

via Skype starts translating conversations in real time … in Windows 8.1.

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