How to record your Skype calls [+Video]

Skype notifications will sound only on the device.

August 21, 2014

Notifications are part of our day to day, however, sometimes they turn out to be a nightmare. The reason is none other than the numerous devices that we have in our possession, since a simple videoconference call is transformed into an orchestra of melodies sung by tablets, telephones and even wearables. But in Skype they want to solve that chaos, so they have created a feature that they call “Active endpoint”. The idea is none other than to allow the program to detect which device you are currently on, in order to divert notifications to that terminal exclusively.

When you stop using Skype on that device, the sounds will be broadcasted again until you take charge again.

via Skype notifications will sound only on the device you are using РEngadget en espa̱ol.

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