Síragon opens air conditioning factory in Venezuela …

October 16, 2014

The brand’s air conditioning factory has an annual production capacity of 85 thousand Split-type units presented in various models, among which the 12 thousand BTU AS-7000 series line stands out; and the AS-5000 line available in 12 thousand, 18 thousand and 24 thousand BTU versions. Both incorporate a sophisticated and stylish design for the home and office, as well as low energy consumption, working efficiently and quietly.

This new plant will create 120 direct jobs and more than 1,580 indirect ones, which will benefit the Carabobo community. The production will be made up of two assembly lines: one for External Units and another for Internal Units, where the process is initiated in the assembly of the various components that allow the elaboration of a product under the most rigorous quality standards, excelling in this I process the functional testing stage, for which we have state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the correct functioning of the finished product to be marketed.

The company carries out a manufacturing process, in which strategic alliances are established with local suppliers in order to acquire parts and components in order to substitute their importation, thus achieving concatenation with the national industry, in order to give a national added value and have the ability to export these products.

Síragon, soon, will be giving training courses at the national level, where more than 472 technicians, specialists and future professionals in the area will be certified, who will share experiences and will be trained on installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners, with the aim that these micro entrepreneurs can provide a better service to consumers who purchase the brand’s products.

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