Simón Bolívar University offers its first Diploma ...

Sim√≥n Bol√≠var University offers its first Diploma …

May 30, 2014

University-Simon-Bolivar-USBThe structure of the Diploma in Science and Gastronomy Management arises as a response to the situation of the catering industry (sale of ready-to-eat food) in Venezuela, where it is a common practice to undertake, or participate in a business in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčprocessing of food, without having sufficient formal knowledge about the “protagonist” of said business, that is, about food.

This leads, in most cases, to economic losses that ultimately conspire against the success of the venture. That is why the design of this Diploma was based on the principle that theoretical and systematic knowledge of the raw material (food) and the phenomena that take place in a kitchen are essential to achieve success in any project related to the catering industry, this knowledge will allow not only the minimization of material losses, but also the optimization of work through the incorporation of new ingredients and technologies. Thus, the participant will have the opportunity to find timely solutions to eventual problems that normally arise in a kitchen.

With this Diploma, all those people who are related or interested in the production of food at the artisanal level and / or in the gastronomic sector, will develop the skills that allow them to deepen and systematize knowledge about the use and transformation of food, developing the skills and abilities for its processing, through the incorporation of new production and quality assurance technologies. Additionally, the participant will acquire the skills to be a manager of their own food production business.

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