Shakira is the queen of Facebook with 100 million …

July 18, 2014

He is the most followed public figure on Facebook and has just passed a milestone: achieving more than 100 million ‘likes’ on the social network. We are talking about Shakira, today news not because of her recording career or because of her personal life, more than aired by forming a couple with another famous player, the footballer Gerard Piqué, but for having managed to get on the podium of the social network and harvest the largest number of ‘ I like you ‘achieved so far by a public figure on Marc Zuckerberg’s platform.

For Facebook, that a public figure like this achieves such popularity on its platform is more than good news. Hence, the platform announces it with great fanfare and has even created an infographic with the singer’s activity on the social network. “The global attractiveness of the singer, her commitment to fans and the authenticity of her posts – personal and professional – have caused Shakira to increase her popularity on Facebook,” reads a statement made by the platform.

via Shakira, the queen of Facebook | TICbeat.

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