Seagate launches 6 terabyte hard drive

Seagate launches 6 terabyte hard drive

April 7, 2014

After the competition, Western Digital, launched the first 6Tb hard drive to hit the market, Seagate has not wanted to lose ground and does the same.

For greater abundance in the technological complexity of this type of device, WD presented its equipped with a complex hermetic encapsulation process containing helium inside and that in that company consider as essential for this new generation of hard drives of very high capacity and performance .

For its part, Seagate has not been in favor of such refinement, which in theory reduces friction and heating, and in fact they boast that their model is 25% faster than the competition, also ensuring that “when we will need helium we will use it “. What it does have is a humidity sensor that ensures work in optimal conditions.

via Seagate Launches a 6 Terabyte Hard Drive | The Inquirer ES.

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