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Scammers speculate on the mystery of the bad plane …

March 18, 2014

Scammers speculate on missing Malaysian plane mystery

Various blogs dedicated to computer security, including Malwarebytes and HoaxSlayer, report on a series of videos that supposedly show audiovisual material with the whereabouts of the plane.

Invariably, they offer blurry frames, and manipulated photographs, to pique the interest of potential victims.

In one case, the fraudulent messages lead the user to an equally false YouTube page, which presents an “age verification” dialog window. By clicking on this window, the user is taken to the page of an online survey, the completion of which supposedly unlocks the filming. In this case, the economic benefit of the scammers is to earn a few cents paid for each completed form, by equally unscrupulous online marketing companies.

According to Malwarebytes, Facebook does its best to remove links to fraudulent videos, but now that they have started to spread, it is difficult to stop them, especially as they reappear in languages ​​other than the original English version.

via Scammers speculate on the mystery of the missing Malaysian plane | TI newspaper.

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