San Francisco legalizes Airbnb rental service ...

San Francisco legalizes Airbnb rental service …

October 8, 2014

The Ed Lee city council, of Chinese origin, with seven votes in favor and four against, has laid a foundation that makes it very clear what a temporary accommodation is and what falls within the category of the black economy. As of February 2015, only permanent residents will be able to sublet rooms, apartments or houses for a maximum of 90 days a year. The previous law put the limit in 30 days.

Although this law is popularly known as “Airbnb”, it does not specify that the terms are only for this website. It does indicate that it will be necessary to have insurance of more than half a million dollars and live at that address for more than 275 days.

According to Airbnb lawyers, using their service benefits both citizens and tourists, as well as local businesses. According to his calculations, the discovery of new neighborhoods, shops and artists is promoted outside the commercial circuit. At the same time, stays are usually of more than five days, instead of the three that are spent on average in a hotel. According to the consulting firm specialized in the STR sector, the average cost of a hotel night in San Francisco is $ 230. Legalized service fees start at $ 100.

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