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November 21, 2014

Samsung assured that it will have inventory of its products for Christmas, and announced that it will bring the technological items to sell in Venezuela at Sicad 1 dollar.

The vice president of the Venezuelan subsidiary of the South Korean corporation, Luis Cobo, explained that 243 containers are in La Guaira awaiting nationalization to be marketed. They contain televisions, refrigerators, ovens and cell phones, which will be on sale in two or three weeks according to the company’s expectations.

Samsung Venezuela also announced measures to prevent the resale of its products, including the registration of serials and cancellation of warranty outside the territory. “We understand that they are products bought for the Venezuelan market, with the particularities of the market and we hope they stay in Venezuela,” said Cobo.

via Samsung will sell equipment to Sicad 1 in the coming weeks.

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