Samsung sinks in the last quarter of 2014

Samsung sinks in the last quarter of 2014

January 30, 2015

The sale of Samsung smartphones and tablets has fallen by 64% during the last quarter of 2015, which is now five consecutive quarters with that trend.

Not even from home comes good news in this regard, since in South Korea itself, the great rival Apple is also strengthening its presence, reaching an unprecedented 33% market share there last November.

Samsung ensures that 2015 is a year full of uncertainties that may affect the sector in general and the South Korean company in particular, in reference to the slowdown of the economy in the euro zone and the financial risks of emerging countries. It will also have to face in the coming months the task of successfully overcoming the great pressure from analysts, markets and consumers at the prospect of the launch of Samsung’s most emblematic model, the Galaxy S6, a presentation surrounded by enormous expectations.

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