Samsung presents its new 34-inch curved monitor ...

Samsung presents its new 34-inch curved monitor …

December 22, 2014

Samsung promises a new visual experience, more comfortable and immersive for multimedia and multitasking with its new model of curved monitor SE790C. The South Korean company has optimized the curvature of the screen, its high definition resolution and a higher contrast ratio, all with a “sophisticated and ergonomic” design.

As for the specifications of Samsung’s new 34-inch curved monitor, we summarize the most outstanding ones:

Absorbing and comfortable viewing experience: The curvature allows a panoramic view of the screen, creating a more complete field of vision, a 3D effect and a more immersive feeling.

Higher image quality: With a 21: 9 ratio, known as “ultra-wide”, it has an ULTRA-WQHD resolution of 3440 × 1440 pixels.

Optimization of productivity and entertainment functionalities. The SE790C monitor integrates Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture 2.0 functionalities that allow the user to easily connect two devices, such as a PC, a laptop, an Xbox or the PlayStation and view them on the monitor.

In game mode, it offers high-quality stereo sound, with two 7W stereo speakers, and a response speed of 4 milliseconds that allows gamers to see the action on screen more quickly, clearly and without blurring.

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