Samsung - BMW Alliance to make the i3 a car ...

Samsung – BMW Alliance to make the i3 a car …

January 12, 2014

bmw_carrosFrom an Android application and for the Gear, it is possible to communicate with the vehicle and do various tasks. First, it is possible to check the status of the car’s battery and the status of various of its systems, such as the temperature or even if the doors are open. It is also possible to remotely turn on and configure the air conditioning system of the car, and to sound the horn from the clock – something very useful in a full parking lot, for example.

The application also allows you to configure the navigation of the car, but it does not do it in the usual way: instead of asking the user for an address, the Gear consults the address book in search of the address, and automatically powers the system so that in the the display shows the indications of the case.

via Samsung teams up with BMW to make the i3 a ‘smart’ car • ENTER.CO.

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