Sales of digital music on iTunes Music drops 14%

October 27, 2014

Between 13 and 14% worldwide. That’s the drop figure in iTunes Music sales for this year, as cited by various sources for the Wall Steet Journal. What happens to the record industry? It seems that the recovery due to the sale of digital music has been more of a temporary illusion than a permanent reality.

If we take into account that in 2013 the decrease in sales in iTunes Music reached 2.1%, this almost 14% represents a severe blow to the music industry, which had high hopes of being able to overcome a crisis from which 10 years ago it gets worse. At least as far as the classic music and record sales system is concerned, because on the contrary, streaming services and others like it continue to grow in popularity. However, it seems that the case of iTunes Music is not the only one.

via The sale of digital music in iTunes Music falls 14%.

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