"Robin Williams' last words before he died" ...

“Robin Williams’ last words before he died” …

August 20, 2014

Robin Williams' last words before he died

For a few days now, a new scam has been circulating on social networks, a scam carried out through technological means such as email or fake websites. This time, it is a supposed video that promises to show the last words of Robin Williams and the reason for his death.

Through the spread of this hoax, the user is asked to share the video on his Facebook profile. Once the unsuspecting user performs such action, a window opens asking them to enter a phone number.

Cybercriminals often use highly relevant news to capture the attention of their victims. For this reason, in recent months we saw how other events of interest were used to deceive Internet users. Such was the case of the crash of flight MH17 or the health of Michael Schumacher.

Below, the ESET Latin America Research Laboratory offers some tips to keep in mind so as not to fall for these types of scams:

  • Do not share a video before watching it and be sure that it is genuine.
  • Do not enter or provide personal data or sensitive information.
  • Pay attention to the graphic details of the publication, such as: spelling and layout of the information. Although a grammatical error does not necessarily imply that we are dealing with a hoax, it is true that in false publications there is usually a repeated pattern of spelling mistakes.
  • Review the link to which the content will redirect and its domain.
  • Bear in mind that when faced with events of international relevance, cybercriminals will most likely take advantage of them to carry out Social Engineering techniques, which is why it is important to be careful when searching for information and doing so through trusted sites.
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