Risks and advantages of hyperconnection

Risks and advantages of hyperconnection

November 11, 2014

The hyperconnection thing has already become an obsession: we cannot stay even a couple of hours without access to data without a strange sensation going through our backs: Have I received any urgent mail? Will I have messages on WhatsApp? Will everything be okay …? The head plays tricks on us, but the truth is that the peace of mind of knowing that everything is going well and always being online also pays a toll. Technology plays a strange role in freeing us up and tying us closer at the same time. How is this possible? PCHousing has put together an elaborate infographic on the work habits of those who travel the most, and my friend, it’s to make your hair stand on end.

The first reality is what we suspected: the majority of executives or positions who travel remain online thanks to their mobile devices and take advantage of downtime to advance work. As we pointed out, this fact is at the same time liberating for some, but very stressful for others: for the former, the gaps at the end of the day or the long waits at the airport are golden opportunities to get work done and get free hours that, attentive to the data, we can dedicate to leisure or our own rest. But you already know that there is a ‘b’ side in this whole thing: that permanent connection in the end overwhelms us and takes its toll on us.

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