Reporters Without Borders warns about the censorship of ...

Reporters Without Borders warns about the censorship of …

March 12, 2014

CensorshipThe increase in internet censorship in Venezuela, with the closure of access to some websites and social networks, is the main setback recorded in Latin America in the report on internet censorship published today by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) .

In a continent where internet access is free and unfettered, with the exception of Cuba, RSF’s annual study is very harsh with the actions of the Government of President Nicolás Maduro and, in particular, with the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel Venezuela had ceased to integrate in 2012 the list of countries under surveillance due to the control to which they subject the network, but the press defense organization once again activated the alarms about that country.

Specifically, RSF attacks two actions of Conatel. In November 2013, this body ordered the internet access servers to close access from their country to the web pages that reported the exchange rates of the parallel dollar.

Over the past month, the Commission has focused on forcing social networks, particularly “Twitter”, to filter the traffic of images related to the anti-government demonstrations that were taking place in the country.

via Reporters Without Borders alerts about internet censorship in Venezuela.

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