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Regional hacker summit in Buenos Aires

October 29, 2014

Taking control of the traffic lights in New York or altering the programming of cable TV services are just some of the skills that famous “hackers” from different countries of the world will be showing starting today at the Ekoparty Security Conference, an event which takes place in Buenos Aires and which brings together national and international references in computer security.

Among the scheduled conferences, those of the Argentine Cesar Cerrudo stand out, who will show how it is possible to violate the security of air traffic controllers and traffic lights in New York. There will also be Rahul Sasi from India speaking on how to hack a home cable system. Meanwhile, Chris Valasek from the United States will demonstrate how to hack into a car’s computer system.

There will also be talks on bitcoin and workshops showing how SUBE card users can maintain their “privacy” or how to assemble alcohol warmers with beer cans. Among the exhibitors, there are specialists from Argentina, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, India and Spain.

via Regional Hacker Summit in Buenos Aires – Diario El Esquiu.

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