Qwerkywriter The Machine Look Mechanical Keyboard ...

Qwerkywriter The Machine Look Mechanical Keyboard …

August 12, 2014

It’s basically a retro-looking keyboard reminiscent of classic typewriters, with those big round keys and that quirky feel.

But of course it is adapted to modern PCs, for which it has a USB connector and command keys for Apple, a platform to which the device seems to be oriented, especially if we take into account that in the place where the sheets of paper we can place an iPad that we will use as a screen.

The Qwerkywriter is still in the funding phase on Kickstarter. They hope to have it ready for August 2015 at a price of about $ 400, so if you like it, you have time to save for yourself.

via Qwerkywriter, a typewriter-like mechanical keyboard.

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