Protection and computer security inside and outside ...

Protection and computer security inside and outside …

January 19, 2015

ESET, a leading company in proactive threat detection, offers its corporate product ESET Safe Employee Program, which provides a security solution combined with the management and training of workers to keep the information of the entire company or organization protected.

According to Gustavo Quiñones, technical support manager of ESET Latin America in Argentina, the rise of the protection of corporate information is in reaffirming the need to carry out actions aimed at the personnel themselves, being the most important components when implementing security solutions. “ESET Safe Employee Program is a corporate product with a new concept in security, especially for companies that seek to fully care for their employees, even outside their physical limits,” he explained.

The Technical Support Manager also explained that it is a benefit program, made up of two security packages. In addition, it includes valuable educational content to raise awareness regarding the risks to which members of the company are exposed, and the best security practices: “It contains the ESET Smart Security and ESET Mobile Security solutions, which guarantee that protection of information, even when the employee is out of the office. “

On the other hand, Renato De Gouveia, ESET Venezuela marketing manager, indicated that when acquiring the program, the beneficiary will find significant savings in his company. “Prices vary depending on the number of beneficiaries for each company. In addition, when dealing with governmental, non-profit or educational organizations, even more special prices are offered ”, he stressed.

Finally, De Gouveia recommended as the main rule for the implementation of antimalware solutions for companies, the education of all beneficiaries. “It is necessary to take into account learning as a basis to counteract any computer threat, and to achieve this it is necessary to know what exactly those threats and risks exist within the company,” he concluded.

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