Project "Wifi for All" will reach 5,774 spaces ...

Project “Wifi for All” will reach 5,774 spaces …

May 12, 2014


The Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Manuel Fernández, reported that the Wifi for All project will connect 5,774 spaces, including high schools, universities, university villages, parks and squares throughout the country.

To date, this project, which benefits more than 9 million people, has connected 1,393 places, mentioned the president of the State Telephone Company, Cantv, in an interview on Unión Radio.

Fernández explained that the bandwidth for public spaces, high schools and universities is 10 megabits per second. Each wireless device has the capacity for 128 users to connect simultaneously.

via the “Wifi for All” Project will reach 5,774 spaces in the country – Globovision.

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