Produce applications without knowing how to program with Google ...

Produce applications without knowing how to program with Google …

January 24, 2018

Google has just launched App Maker, a tool that has the purpose of helping companies in the organization of the tasks that they must carry out every day thanks to the development of their own applications. The company’s app will allow employers to establish work management among employees, know the details of orders and order and resolve pending projects.

Some of the features of the new Google tool are built-in templates, a drag-and-drop user interface editor, data modeling, and one-click application development accelerator. All this will allow employees to have a base on which to organize their work and develop the most important functions that have been assigned to them.

App Maker has built-in Google applications and platforms that we use every day such as Maps, Contacts or Groups, this will allow the workload to be distributed and for these functions to be perfectly integrated into the new application that we want to develop. from this Google tool. App Maker will be very suitable for small companies that need a specific work organization but that due to volume or lack of financing cannot afford to contract the development of custom apps.

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