Privacy Guide for Facebook [Video]

Privacy Guide for Facebook [Video]

March 4, 2014

Using Facebook empowers negative feelings in a third of users - Young man using laptopNowadays it is rare to find a person who does not have a personal profile on Facebook.

Every day we upload more and more personal information to our profile: photographs, events, favorite places, personal data … and not only that, but every day more websites allow us to register on them through our Facebook profile, which means a large amount of private information transferred and shared with third parties.

Friends, schoolmates, mothers, distant uncles, bosses and co-workers mingle in a heterogeneous space halfway between the personal and the professional, between the photographs of last Saturday and a link to the current affairs related to our professional activity.

That’s why the people at Panda have put together a complete “Facebook privacy guide“In which they gather all the steps to follow for a correct configuration, download this useful instruction manual for free.

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