Printer that uses water instead of ink [Video]

March 15, 2014

portrait of an angry businessman at workWith the generalization of the use of email or devices such as tablets and smartphones, there are fewer and fewer occasions in which it is necessary to resort to printing a document on paper. However, in some business areas the use of printers is a constant, despite the fact that most of the time the printing is consulted only once.

To try to reduce the enormous waste on ink and paper that these disposable prints imply and, incidentally, try to be more respectful with the environment, a professor at Jilin University in China (Professor Sean Zhang) developed a printing system that uses water instead of ink and a special paper that changes color when reacting with moisture.

This system does not contain toxic substances that are present in some conventional inks. In addition, each sheet of paper can be reused up to 50 times, since the content of the sheet disappears 22 hours after being printed. As if all this were not enough, the cartridges are refilled with running water and work in any inkjet printer without the need for any special adaptation.

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