Prepare to face the new threats facing ...

Prepare to face the new threats facing …

March 25, 2015

Panda Security announced the new version of Panda Mobile Security. The solution includes improvements so that users can use their smartphone without worry, locate it in case of theft and protect their private information. One of its main features is the new option “costs money”, which warns the user if the download involves the trap of a fraudulent Premium SMS.

Panda Mobile Security protects the computer against cyberattacks, preventing certain types of malware from being able to control it without the user’s consent. For example, it prevents taking photos when the device is off or paused, or stealing data stored on it.

Protects against ransomware

In addition, Panda Mobile Security also protects against a new threat that is increasingly stalking smartphones. These are certain forms of malware known as ransomware that hijack the device and later ask for a ransom, or directly disable the terminal.

Geolocation to be safe

Another of the highlights of the new version is the application of geolocation to protect the user and guarantee the security of the data stored on the computer. To do this, Panda Security has added a theft alert that takes a photo of the user and sends it by email along with the location each time they make a mistake with the password. In addition, when the device runs out of battery, Panda Mobile Security geolocates the device and stores the information, so that it can be used if necessary.

“With this latest version, and the one that we will launch shortly with more functionality, we want to go further in security, preventing not only internal threats but also external threats that users and their devices may suffer. It’s about making life easier for users so that they can get the most out of their mobile phone with nothing to fear, ”explains Hervé Lambert, Retail Product Marketing Manager at Panda Security.

The company also included new languages ​​to the product, which is now available in 16 languages, and is working on a new look & feel, coinciding with the celebration of the 25th Anniversary and its new image. In the coming months, the solution will also include motion alerts.

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