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January 15, 2015

Mayor of CaracasThe Mayor’s Office of Caracas made an informative map or geoportal available to the general public and taxpayers, through which precise data on places of recreation, services, housing plan and recovered spaces present in the capital city can be accessed. , informed Ricardo Santana, director of the Municipal Cadastre

He added that this year’s project is for taxpayers to be able to further streamline procedures through this web space, whose applications are already automated and are being made online through the city hall portal.

He explained that these applications are the cadastral certificate, the Sumat tax solvency, travel permits for children and adolescents, among others.

Currently, anyone who requires information on recreation should only enter the map and click on the space that bears that name. Following a second request, arrows will appear on the map that indicate where the parks, boulevards, theaters, historical places and recreational areas are located.

If your interest is the services provided by the Revolutionary Government in the city, you just have to click on this space. Immediately afterwards, icons will be indicated on the urban map with the places where medical offices, Metro, MetroCable and MetroBus stations are located, as well as the available Wi-Fi zones, which already exceed 60 throughout the capital and that have been installed jointly with Cantv.

Finally, the map also offers in one of its places data on recovered spaces, information on public works and also on urban parks.

To achieve all these technological advances, an update in this matter was necessary. In this sense, the mayor of Caracas, Jorge Rodríguez, decided to carry out a technological modernization throughout 2014 through the Technology Directorate.

Ricardo Santana, who was also in charge of this municipal agency, explained that 6.5 million bolivars were invested and there is an additional credit for the same amount to continue supporting the modernization of the technological infrastructure of the Mayor’s Office of Caracas.

“The objective is to strengthen all the services and processes that we have managed to automate, both internally and towards the public.” He said that this process has now made it possible to carry out procedures through the portal of the Mayor’s Office.

He added that a public reporting system was launched in December 2014 and so far 400 requests have been received online. He explained that these reports have to do with a damaged sewer, a burned lighthouse, tree pruning, among others.

Source: City CCS

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