PonoPlayer wants to become the new iPod of the ...

PonoPlayer wants to become the new iPod of the …

March 11, 2014


Many have already almost given up on the iPod, however, there are those who continue to believe in the market for portable players. PonoPlayer with a “toblerone” design will offer, according to its managers, “digital music with studio master quality at the highest possible audio fidelity”.

The player will work in conjunction with the PonoMusic.com service, which will offer a catalog of music from large and small record companies and in which audio quality will be especially taken into account.

The PonoPlayers have 128 GB of storage capacity, which will allow, according to their creators, to store between 100 and 500 quality music albums and which will nevertheless offer an expansion slot for memory cards. The touch screen will allow you to control playback, although there are also three physical buttons that stand out especially in the unique design of the player.

via PonoPlayer wants to become the new iPod for audiophiles.

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