Pioneer prepares 1T Blu-ray compatible discs ...

Pioneer prepares 1T Blu-ray compatible discs …

May 19, 2014

Pioneer prepares 1Tb Blu-ray compatible discs

The Blu-ray Disc Association BDA announced a few months ago that they were already working on a new optical disc format that should be ready by the end of the year.

However, now it is Pioneer that amazes us with a new disk model that could reach storage capacities of up to 1 TB.

Stuffing up to 12 double-sided layers per disc For this they use a new system for separating the data tracks with a series of guide layers that mark the beginning and end of each block of information, allowing multiple layers to be stacked on each disc in a simple way.

via Pioneer prepares Blu-ray compatible discs between 256 and 720 GB.

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