Pioneer Launches First A-Compatible Car Stereo ...

Pioneer Launches First A-Compatible Car Stereo …

October 2, 2014

Pioneer announced support for Apple technology through its SPH-DA120 car stereo, which includes a 6.2-inch touch screen (WVGA) for interacting with the iPhone. CarPlay will also be available via firmware update for AVIC-F60DAB, AVIC-F960DAB, AVIC-F960BT, AVIC-F860BT and AVH-X8600BT.

Those who have one of these models in their car will be able to download the firmware and install it through the stereo’s USB port. The only requirement will be to have an iPhone 5 or later with the latest version of iOS. CarPlay will allow you to use Siri to give commands, receive calls and answer text messages.

via Pioneer launches the first Apple CarPlay-compatible car stereo – FayerWayer.

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