Nanofluid sleeve capable of highlighting the keys ...

Phorm is the nanofluid sheath capable of embossing …

February 12, 2015

Imagine having a physical keyboard that magically appears on the screen of your tablet or phone when you need it and without resorting to Bluetooth accessories. That is the idea behind Phorm, at first glance, a protective case for the iPad mini that nevertheless hides an interesting trick up its sleeve: a special layer that makes a matrix of «bubbles» stand out on the buttons of the virtual keyboard providing us with a physical landmark on our fingers.

The most surprising thing about Phorm is that it is based on a technology that does not need electricity to work. It does not have its own battery nor does it connect to the iPad in any way. The invention consists of three pieces: the first covers the back of the iPad and has a mechanical switch that dominates much of it. The second is a front frame. And the third, a transparent panel a millimeter thick similar to the classic screen protector only considerably more sophisticated.

via Phorm, the nanofluid case capable of highlighting the virtual keyboard of the iPad mini and iPhone 6 Plus.

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