Phone Alert is the surveillance system for the home ...

Phone Alert is the surveillance system for the home …

November 7, 2014

Alcatel Phone Alert is a surveillance system of the brand for the home that works through the telephone line. A system that combines a signature phone with several smart devices. Among these devices we have a motion detector, a smoke detector, a flood detector or even a remote control.

The management of this platform is carried out both on a PC through a web application and through a mobile app on the iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices. The Alcatel Phone Alert platform is now available for a starting price of 170 euros.

The nerve center of the Alcatel Phone Alert is located in the Alcatel Box device. Through this box the different detectors of the system and the Alcatel F370 telephone are connected. The Box is capable of sending the alarm to the cordless telephone in real time. It also incorporates its own audible alarm with a power of 94 decibels half a meter from the device. Or a function to hear what is happening in the room.

The control of this system is carried out both through a web application on a computer and through a dedicated application for Android smartphones and tablets, for the iPhone or iPad.

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