Philips bets on Android in its new televisions ...

Philips bets on Android in its new televisions …

March 27, 2014

philips 4kThe Dutch have chosen to put aside the screens of absurd dimensions, reducing their most recent bet to 48 inches as a minimum, and 55 inches as a maximum, with the religious application of 4K resolution, as it can not be otherwise in the times that run, to which is added an impressive 1 GHz refresh rate.

As we have already said, Android will be in charge of giving life to these new televisions, although little else has been said in this regard, so we do not know the specific version of the operating system, much less what type of customization they will apply to make it more manageable in that format. What we do know is that it will have access to the Google Play Store, in addition to having a special Dropbox application that will allow us to play streaming content from the cloud platform.

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