People are entering Apple stores to double the ...

People are entering Apple stores to double the …

September 29, 2014

Gizmodo reports what some teens and other users are doing ‘for sport’. The new hobby consists of entering Apple stores, trying to fold the phones that are on display and making videos to share them on the internet and social networks. But as the medium emphasizes: “Breaking private property does not prove anything, except that you are a real idiot.”

The most notable case is that of two British teenagers who made a five-minute video in which they play ‘super detectives’ but actually look like the ‘super hooligans’.

In the video we see them forcibly bending several of the company’s devices, as you can see below. It is one thing for the phone to bend on its own and the user to file a complaint; another is for people to go and intentionally destroy the iPhone, which is not to say that it was poorly built.

The real ‘iDiots’ enter Apple stores to double the iPhone • ENTER.CO.

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