Pebble Time the new color smartwatch project ...

Pebble Time the new color smartwatch project …

February 25, 2015

Based on an LCD panel, the new Pebble Time features the same ‘e-paper’ technology as the original Pebble, but in color. This improvement allows you to maintain a high battery life, according to the manufacturer, up to 7 days with each charge and much higher than the current Android Wear (Moto 360, G Watch R, among others) that must be charged daily.

On a negative note, the range of colors offered is very limited compared to the most classic LCD / OLED screens, allowing to display only 64 colors compared to millions of other alternatives. Pebble assures, yes, that vision in bright environments is assured.

Next to the screen, Pebble Time also has a microphone to receive voice commands. Once again its functionality is limited, allowing you to respond to incoming notifications through pre-established commands or to write small texts (notes, emails, SMS, Hangout messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger).

It is a new project of the Pebble family that is put on Kickstarter to raise funds for its launch, and that they have already far exceeded in the first minutes.

via Pebble Time, his new color smartwatch project.

  • Pebble Time smartwatch hits Kickstarter, breaks $ 500,000 goal in minutes
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