Panasonic TV Anywhere is a service to watch our ...

Panasonic TV Anywhere is a service to watch our …

June 6, 2014

Panasonic TV Anywhere is a service to watch our TV on any tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world

One of the most interesting and attractive novelties that Panasonic has introduced in its 2014 smart TVs is TV Anywhere. This revolutionary feature allows you to enjoy all the contents of the TV through a tablet or a smartphone anywhere in the world. The only requirement is to enjoy an Internet connection, either via WiFi or even a mobile connection. TV Anywhere is available on the brand’s smart TVs since the Panasonic AS650 version. We tell you how this tool works to carry the TV in our pocket.

To get started with TV Anywhere, a critical step is to create a personal My Home Cloud account. Using TV Anywhere also requires downloading the dedicated Panasonic TV Remote App 2, available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone and iPad. It is through this application that we can connect to the cloud and access TV content wirelessly. For example, if we have downloaded the last chapter of a series on the hard drive connected to the TV, we can access the content directly through the app.

However, the functionality of TV Anywhere does not end there, since users can also access live content that is shown on one of the television channels.

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